I mostly create pieces out of "particles"; dots and/or pixels.
Many years ago I hand-painted dots and "pixels" (before I had ever seen a computer generated image) using acrylics and guache on paper, wood panels, plastic - anything. They had to be extremely precise in order to achieve the desired result and were known by everyone (including myself) as "dot paintings".
This was very time consuming as you can imagine.

When I started to work on the computer, it became obvious that this provided the perfect means to explore my ideas further with the precision that they had to have.

so the artworks on this site are most of the work that I have produced over the last few years. Some have been printed on artists canvas and art paper, some are waiting for a request. They can be printed at any size and on any media (all within reason of course). There are also some of my drawings on these pages which satisfy my need for spontaneous creativity, and as they are pastels, chalk and cont‌é, they have a similarity in the simplicity of colors.

A couple of paintings are here also and hopefully more things will appear which, as yet, I have no knowledge.



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email: info@paulroutledgeart.com